W-What? Who’s there? Someone’s here? Lol I mean who even checks these things? *ahem* Pardon me, but if you what to know ABOUT me or this blog, here ya go:

Chiara Luna translates to “bright moon.” When I think about what “bright moon” means, the moon is a symbol of a light in the dark, hope when times are rough and rugged. When the moon shines brightly, that is when hope is most potent.

I am Midori Nakajima, a small Asian lady who loves to write. I’m not sure exactly when I got into writing, but I remember my first story like it was yesterday: it was crap.

But hey, I definitely have improved in terms of style and descriptions, though I’m still making room to improve.

As for schedules, I will post every Saturday (or Saturday and Sunday if it’s something important) just so I can put more effort into my posts, because where’s the fun in writing  and/or blogging if you don’t try?

So, are you a struggling writer like me? That’s okay, we just need to write, write, and write to improve. If you’d like to follow me for all my journeys, well, go follow me! Thank you and have fun. ❤