writer’s block.

So, I said that I would only be gone for about a week. And, it’s already August.

Whoops. I’m gonna be honest, I’m not gonna make an excuse, or whatever. There’s no one to blame but me.

I was going to, but I got lazy. I thought, after going back home everything would be fine and I’d be as productive as ever, but that didn’t happen.

I was still struggling to get out. And I kind of did. I just barely have any self-discipline lol.

Another thing, going away for a bit mad me lose my motivation to blog. I dunno, I was even contemplating to disappear and maybe come back to this blog later. Sorry.

But I’m back and ready. On Saturday I will write a reflection about my summer since I am going back to school on August 15. But I have faith I’ll write and write more in my school year. I have another short story I just might post.

On with this post’s topic, today I will be talking about writer’s block. It really sucks when your brain can’t produce any more ideas. However, it can be solved. But, let’s get to the root of writer’s block. Writers may experience it because they might be a bit too meticulous of their writing and feel hella pressured to make it perfect.

At least, that’s what I experienced. Also, I don’t know why, I’m just feeling constantly drained. It sucks to be honest.

However, there are solutions. Such as writing streams of consciousness, meditating to this for 5-10 minutes, WRITING PROMPTS. Writing prompts will be your savior. In fact, the short story I’m writing is based off a prompt idea I wrote in my handy dandy journal months ago. It was supposed to be a poem but I feel like it’s more suitable as a story.

Anyways, good luck to any writer’s going through that dreadful obstacle. Sorry if this is bad advice, I can barely muster up anything witty or something. I think why I might feel drained is because my summer’s ending and I just wanna be lazy, but I won’t let myself!


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