i’m taking a break?

This is irrelevant but I really really really love Dodie I want to buy her book she’s so cute I’m having flashbacks from her interview at VidCon aksjdljlgaslfdj I’m so happy she’s bi her voice is just so calming and sweet laskdfas

Heyo, maybe you don’t care, maybe you do, but just in case I just want to say I am taking a small break. It won’t be for long, I can assure that.

I have grown to love and appreciate blogging the more I post, but I just need some time to recollect a bit of my thoughts.

I have been going through a slump recently, where I don’t really feel like doing any of the things I love doing like reading, writing my story, drawing. All of those just felt so boring to me.

But I had a little chat to myself, and I decided to dig into the root of the problem and I’m pretty sure I’m almost or actually out of that slump. I’ve been pep talking myself and now I feel more energetic and willing to do stuff.

I am going on a trip to New York for a week. Since my family has no idea I have a blog, I don’t think I’ll be able to post since we’re gonna be sharing a room and we’ll be traveling non-stop, so I’ll be out of it.

I do plan on making a post, maybe it could split into 8 parts for the 8 days I’m staying in. Actually, I think 4 might be doable. I don’t know.

I’m going to be calling it “adventures in new york.” I wanted to make a little digital travel book here on my blog where I just document myself on all the travels I go on.

Back on the break thing, I just want to enjoy myself on the vacation, try and organize all my long term plans on writing and drawing, and try to get myself back onto the productive mood I had in June. Seriously, I wrote 1000+ words a day for the rest of that month I was a freaking productivity machine.

Yeah, blogging is just distracting me for a bit, I’ll only miss like two updates but trust me I’ll be doing stuff! Like I want to meditate more to build up concentration and try techniques to get me back into the mood of productivity, so… I’ll see you guys next next Tuesday? Bye!


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