head in the clouds.

Yooo I’m back with a poem.

I did this in around 5-7 minutes possibly, and I decided not to edit so I’m just gonna leave it here for you to see. I promise you, it hasn’t been tampered with and straight from ma brain to paper.

It was inspired by the featured image!

my head is forever glued to the clouds

porcelain skin tangled in forgotten time

glossy eyes viewing milky white fantasies

and coarse and rough knots

stuck in spiky gray thoughts

i am seeing it all through a kaleidoscope vision.


a spectrum of solid waves loom over my head

a splash of color here and there

bubbles burst and amaranth bombs feel sentient

dreams come alive

in this world i call my spacious mind.

Ya and that’s it. I found this photo by searching up “dream aesthetic” because I intended to write a poem about dreams but I found that and just went with it.

Photos are a great way to stay inspired. Find a photo, stick with and it, and write about it. Must be a pretty good exercise to keep your “creative juices” flowing.

I was going to upload a myth I wrote, but I got really unmotivated to do stuff so I just got lazy about it, sorry. Hopefully next week or sometime I’ll upload it, but I haven’t finished. But hey, too many poems won’t kill you.

Another thing, I didn’t get to upload Saturday because I had art classes and it really motivated me to do art the entire day and completely forgot I had a blog (well I kept it in the back of my mind) and the power went out where I live! Yay. A power plant overheated and exploded so 😦

But now I have power again! Yay.


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