a tag no one asked for!

I feel like I don’t show much of my personality a lot on the internet and that is NOT what I want! And no one tagged me in this, so I just tagged myself because I’m that lonely.

But here is a get to know me tag no one asked for or probably doesn’t want!

  • Are you named after anyone?

Well my real name is my grandma’s middle name, but I got my alias by using a generator I found online.

  • When was the last time you cried?

Last night, I was watching Blackpink’s teaser and I was dying haha I’m so thirsty for their single

  • If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?

Proooobably not. Depends on what type of person I am and my preferences.

  • Do you have kids?

Lol no I’m still in school

  • Do you use sarcasm a lot?

nooooooooooooo not at alllllll *uses sarcasm* wHaT tYpE oF pErSoN dO yOu ThInK I aM?

  • What’s the first thing you notice about people?

Dunno, some distinct facial feature that tells me that’s them?

  • What is your eye color?

Dark brown.

  • Scary movie or happy endings?

Depends. Usually I’m a scary movie type of gal but if I’m feeling fluffy, happy endings.

  • Favorite smells?

Vanilla, strawberries, any food that smells good to me lol sorry for not being very specific

  • What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home?

Florida. We went in the summer when I was 11 or 12.

  • Do you have any special talents?

Uh…. I can wake up early without having to set an alarm?

  • Where were you born?

I was born in the Philippines, but we moved to California when I was a little bb

  • What are your hobbies?

Sleeping, eating, writing, reading, making memes, drawing (though I’m not very good), etc.

  • Do you have any pets?

I had around 12 fish in my lifetime but they all died within months.

  • Do you have any siblings?

Yeet I have an older brother and sister, they’re very chill and in college at the moment.

  • What do you want to be when you grow up?


I do n’t kn ow

(okay but in all reality, I was leaning to a psychology and english major but I really don’t know and it scares the hell outta me ahh)

  • Who was your first best friend?

Okay there was this girl in kindergarten named Sailee or Aileen or some shit like that and we fought a lot. Every best friend I had in elementary only lasted for like one school year then it’s aDiOs MoThErFuCkEr

  • How tall are you?

I’m 5’2 1/2. Compared to my friends, I’m very tiny but it’s okay I loved being carried around. I’m a bean, they’re a beanstalk i s2g

  • Funniest moment throughout school?

My teacher was asking me if I wanted to be in a picture for the yearbook and my mind immediately went FUCK THAT, so I just said no.

“Are you sure? You’re gonna miss out,” my teacher replied.

I fake smiled and shook my head no aggressively. “HAha no I won’t,” I fired back.

Then these people started doing those ‘oooohsss’ and I heard one stupid kid say “Dude, *insert real name*’s a savage!”

  • How many countries have you visited?

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say over 10.

  • What was your favorite/worst subject at school?

My worst used to be math, but after I started caring for my grades I no longer loathed it as much. My favorite used to be history but my history teacher last year ruined that. Now, it’s English because my English teacher was great and made me really care about my grades even more.

  • What is your favorite drink, animal, and perfume?

My favorite drink is the vanilla bean frappuccino at Starbucks, it tastes like heaven you should seriously try it guys if you haven’t. My favorite animal would probably have to be felines, and I don’t really like or wear perfume so…. na.

  • What would you name your children?

Death. Jk, I don’t plan on having kids, maybe adopt if I have the money but something simple like Min Suga rapper genius billboard singer jjang jjang man bboong bboong

  • Who are some of your favorite youtubers?

I love kpop youtubers like Ramenai, exosexo, Park Chim Chim, Squishy Min Yoongi, Spooky Lalisa, etc. I really love Shane, Dan and Phil, Marzia, Pewds, just to name some.

  • How many girlfriends/boyfriends have you had?

0 boyfriends because I’m gay, and 0 girlfriends because no girls want to get with me (or they’re straight).

But to be honest, I’m not looking for a relationship. School, for me, is a time where I’m focusing on myself and my well-being.

  • Favorite memory from childhood?

I don’t think I have one, there’s nothing coming to mind.

  • What sports have you/do you play?

I don’t play any sports (only in PE). I know this isn’t a sport, but does yoga count?

  • How would you describe your fashion sense?

I wear all black (or at least one black tshirt, boots, pants, bra, etc.) 99% of the time. I don’t put effort into my looks because no one judges me. In fact, they compliment me because we’re in the same fandom! I was wearing a stranger things shirt I got from hot topic, and someone said they liked my shirt. Being the smooth mofo I am, I shot finger guns and replied with “ayooooo”

  • What phone do you have?

At the moment, I have an iPhone 6s (rose gold). But I’m just gonna wait for something better I want a new camera.

  • What’s one of your bad habits?

I procrastinate. A lot. It really depends on my mood, though. I can either get shit done lightning fast, moderate speed, or get one or two things done (or half done) and call it a day.

Aaaand, that’s it! This is probably the longest post I’ve done, but I tag everyone reading this and following me lol.

Have a great day!




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