things school has taught me.

School has flown by way too fast for me.

I’m not gonna reveal all of my curriculum because that’d be a stupid idea for a post *takes note of the stupid idea* but just some life things I picked up from my teachers (mainly my English teacher, he always goes on and on shaming us and teaching my classmates and I about life rather than our lessons lol)

  • embassies can save my life.
  • don’t stress out on the details when studying Shakespeare, most of it is added to emphasize/stress his point so it’s best to just look at the overall idea
  • having an open mind and learning others’ opinions can really help you learn more about the world.
  • when you’re studying from a book and there’s questions, USE THEM. you don’t want to end up with half of the class who got a D because they didn’t quiz themselves and fully understand concepts. (I’m still v v proud of myself that I’m the only one in my history class that got an A for that ha it was a 92)
  • SET GOALS FOR YOURSELF. you aren’t working effectively enough if you’re not.
  • not everything can come to you naturally. though in certain areas people can be naturally gifted in, if you’re not like that, work your ass off. it’s worth it in the long run.
  • comparing yourself to others won’t get you anywhere. It’ll just make you feel bad. Work on yourself so you can be better than them eventually 🙂
  • practice as much as you can.
  • you’re gonna be in school for around 6+ hours, why spend those 6+ hours failing? it’ll just make the hellhole we call school more like a hellhole.
  • breaks aren’t bad, as a matter of fact, they’re good. so take them if you need to, but only have around 10-15 minutes max or else that feeling you get when you feel productive will slowly deplete.
  • as hard as it is, keep pushing forward even though you want to give up. it really pays off in the end when you look back at what you’ve done.
  • failure is not only a challenge, but a teacher. learn from failure or you won’t grow and move on.

And that’s all I can remember! Like, 2/3 of this is from my English teacher. I’m really going to miss him though, I think he’s a good English teacher with good intentions. Pay attention to him and you’ll learn a lot about not only English, but life as well.

Fingers crossed next year I’m going to have teachers that genuinely care about my grades as much as I do.



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