the scarlet forest.

Welp, I decided to get into the swing of writing stories and thus my brained this up. I’ve been meaning to write this piece for months, and now I feel so liberated that I’m finally done and sharing it with the world.

I think why it was so difficult/tedious for me to write is because I wanted it to be as descriptive as humanly possible, but I just wasn’t satisfied.

Enough of me rambling and without further ado, here is “the scarlet forest.”

Harsh, violent rain poured down , accompanied by ash gray clouds, covering the warm, azure sky behind, showing no mercy for nature’s crimson beauty. Inhabitants of the forest scurried to holes of hollow trees in hopes of protecting themselves. Cowering in fear, animals tremble, for nature was not kind this time. Blustery winds knocked out several maple brown trees, them tumbling to their demise as a rabbit ducked and hopped to safety, its paws slipping due to the wet mud.

That night felt like it could last for eons, but it was not capable of doing so.

Darkness shifted to light as rain turned to drizzle, and drizzle to nothing. With the speed of a tortoise, the sun peeked from a light, argentum cloud, revealing the world its powerful beams. Through gaps of scarlet leaves, sunlight filtered softly. A sliver of light hit the eyelid of a pumpkin colored fox, begging for it to awake from slumber. Fluttering its eyelids, the fox rose. The delicate vixen yipped in jubilation and ran without heed. Instinctively, one paw in front of the other, the fox wandered, coming across a waterfall. Crystal waters gush from coal rocks, cascading to a cavernous lake as light mists sprayed, rebellious and straying from white foam.

Hiding behind a large red leaf, a tiny blue bird emerged. Where was its family, its mother? Has it strayed too far away? Its twig like legs waddled itself on top of the rocks, spread its wings as wide as it could, and dropped down. The rush of mists spraying it inspired the bird to rise up from the waters and soar. Its wings cut through the spirits of the wind. Heather gray wolves peeked from caves, racing among themselves. Fairies, delicate and graceful as a feather, glide along the bluebird, glowing cerise tresses back with the current of the wind. Inhabitants are the captains of this forest. Nothing would take that privilege away. The animals are kings of the scarlet forest.

Or so they thought.

As a wolf ran ahead, it turned its head around. Facing front, an object pierced through its white belly, flinging it back. Soon enough, wolf after wolf, animal after animal achieved the same mark. A hunter swung a wolf over his shoulder.

“Look what we found here, boys. This place is a gold mine,” he chuckled. His dull eyes met colorful blue ones, and snatched the fairy. “Find more of these and make sure we get them back for ‘research’ at the village.”


Chips of wood were scattered across the ground. A dirty pond was stained a sickly greenish-yellow, with no signs of life. Across was a fallen tree where its once vibrant red leaves ceased to exist. Instead, they were replaced with dry, dead leaves.

No longer were there dainty and beaming fairies zooming across the ever blue sky. No longer were there white bunnies hopping around. No longer were there bright colored foxes and gray wolves frolicking. No longer was there a breath of life, only a desolate wasteland where the scarlet forest used to be.

Well, that was something! I thought it be cool if I added a twist to it.

I originally wanted to write a myth for this week’s post, but I couldn’t finish an entire myth in a week with such limited time. I’m not gonna lie, at the end of stuff I tend to slack off a bit lmao so my first draft was really bad.

As you can see, I kind of got a bit lazy with the ending.

As for the next post, I’m going to be trying something else different! I won’t say, but I think it’ll be fun! I have a ton of ideas for posts such as online travel journals, endless rambles, and just tons of adventures and writings. I don’t want my blog to revolve around just writing, I want to find other passions and things I am willing to share. I want to keep things as varied and diverse as can be.

That’s enough rambling for the day, I hope you enjoyed! If you want to leave what you think, let me know so I can improve? Just constructive criticism and feedback please, also you’re thoughts! I know some people read it, so please do help me on my writing journey if you have anything to say!

I love you, and wish you the best!


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