plans for the summer.

Whew! Summer break has officially started for me, and it’s quite nice. I’ve just been taking it easy (mainly because I’m on my period) but that’s not the point.

I think I’ve sat on the sideline (if I’m using that correctly) quite enough.

Sometimes I don’t feel my posts aren’t the best as can be. And to try and fight that feeling, I’ve been posting once a week, so that I’d have more time to make it as good as can be (short stories or any creative writing here takes me around a week or several days to post). But I never know if my good is good enough.

So, since it’s a full month I’m on vacation, I need to tend to this blog more. The reason why I wanted to start blogging is because this would be my little writing corner and I feel as if I don’t put enough creative writing on here.

Now that school is out of the way, I want to post two (or three) times a week. My goal is three times a week, and I already have most of my drafts completed for the week. I upload Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (or Saturday). Once I’m done with vacation *sobs in corner* I’ll go back to once a week or twice a week.

I hope to post one or two writing posts a week, such as poetry or a short story, anything really. I mean, the only way to get better is to practice, so why not take advantage of all the time I have and use it to get better at writing!

I want this blog to be a shining star that can shine as bright as it can. No more creative pieces once a month (or occasionally none a month lmao) and now it’s time to pour my heart and soul into this blog. I don’t just want to be so self-absorbed with my writing, I want people to know who I am without seeing my face.

Does that sound a little too conceited? Sorry lol

Like sometimes, I’ll forget I have a blog to begin with.

Anyways once the month is finished, I’ll write a reflection and see how I did. Then for the rest of the vacation, I’ll write once or twice a week (like Wednesdays and Saturdays). The only problem is consistency and commitment.

Yay! I’m excited! Let’s see how this goes! Wish me luck my dudesssss


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