the satisfaction of planning.

Yup. You came here, you clicked just to see what I have to say about planning.

I freaking love planning so much. I love it more than I love myself. Planning is great. I don’t give two flips if I don’t carry out and execute those plans, I just love planning a lot.

Now I already said I enjoy planning. I don’t know why exactly, I just do. I guess it’s just that sense of knowing an activity (or more) you know you’re going to do in the future. And the future is really scary and you don’t know what’s going to happen.

Like, I already planned out my summer, I finished around six or seven drafts out of fourteen (lol I should seriously finish them all). I seem like I have my stuff together, right?


There are my productive days where I’m completing task after task, but most of the time I’m procrastinating hella hard. Just putting everything off task. Like for example, I’m trying to teach myself art and I wanted to work on a short story I want to post here but I moved it to the summer.

I barely have any self-discipline.

Even when I tell myself, “Hey me, there are people who changed the world and it wasn’t easy. The people who changed the world can do this in their sleep. Quit slummin’ around and DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE JESUS”

I’m not saying writing out tasks isn’t effective, it actually helps a crap ton.

Maybe I just bite more than I can chew. I really want to have a productive summer, but I’m not sure if I can. I know I’ll probably end up slacking off and just wasting my precious break laughing and crying over Tumblr posts.

So, I started a bullet(?) journal. It’s not really a bullet journal, but it’s very reminiscent to one. I have long term goals, like “get and maintain straight A’s for the rest of the school year so you can go to vidcon, learn tagalog so you can understand what your parents are saying, read more and stop procrastinating lazy ho,” the list can go on and on.

But, I found myself most productive when I’m on a table/desk. The problem is, I haven’t told anyone that I have a blog, or that I’m drawing, or that I’m writing stories. I don’t want people I’m close to knowing what I’m writing/drawing let alone see it, so I go up to my bed and end up scrolling through Instagram or Tumblr.

Here’s some of the things I learned whilst being productive:

  • Have a planner. It doesn’t have to be fancy, it can just be a notebook and you make layouts. I frankly prefer bullet journals because they’re flexible and customizable.
  • If you are thinking about starting a bullet journal, do an index and legend page first, then write some long term goals you wish to accomplish and the steps you think are necessary to accomplishing those certain goals. Next, just do monthly and weekly layouts as well as weekly and monthly reflections. Weekly reflections will be if you completed all the tasks for the week (explain to yourself why if you didn’t and come up with a solution) and for monthly reflections, ask yourself: “What progress have you made on your long term goals? What can you do to get closer to those goals?”
  • Also, make a motivation page (it can be any size you want). Customize it, maybe add some quotes and stuff.
  • If you have a huge task, organize it and break it into small tasks. For example, when I write poems/short stories, I usually start it on Sunday and finish it by Friday. Find out the structure first and how much you have to do, and then even it out.
  • Don’t overwhelm yourself by putting too much on your plate.

And yeah, since this post is getting a bit too long, I’m ending it here. This may not be the best advice, but it’s what I can give. So, if you’re following my motivation page tip, here’s a little quote I got from a YouTube video that I watched awhile ago, and it really inspired me (it’s a bit cheesy lol) :

“Hopes and dreams should be outrageous and big. Goals should be realistic and substantial.”



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