“milk and honey” book review.

This is my first book review! Woo! I’m pumped! (photo, like always, is not mine lol)

So I got this book on amazon and finished it in like a day. The poems are pretty short and are varied in length.

Here is my opinion and review of it.

First off, I like the cover, very pleasing to the eye. Simple and nice. So I’ll rate a 10 to be generous.

As for the inside of the book, it’s divided into four sections that just share her life story in the form of “poetry.”  Her poems about love are aesthetically pleasing, well some are, that you can definitely post on Tumblr and get shitloads of reblogs.

For poems themselves, I wasn’t really “wowed.” There aren’t any rules to poetry, but…

i don’t


poetry is

just words


broken up and


a complete


Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t that break the flow if you read it how it was structured? A handful of the short poems are just complete thoughts broken up.

From first glance, it looks like a short poem but it’s just a complete thought broken up. However, there are some poetry worthy stuff in there.

I’m not saying I completely disliked the book, I actually enjoyed it a lot.

Rupi Kaur speaks a lot about life and love, feminism, sexuality, etc. In my opinion, I think what she has to say is very powerful. I loved the section called “the healing,” which spoke a lot about life and tied a pretty little bow on her book.

I like her message. She talked about her experiences about life and addressed very important topics that need attention drawn to it, so I give props to her.

Overall, I think it’s nicely written. Once again, format could be argued about, but in short, it’s a good read. I rate a 3.8/5. Could be better, could be worse. I still like it nonetheless. There are even some drawings and stuff.



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