“shhh!” (RANT)

When I say to shut up, I really mean shut up. And these kids in the library do NOT know what shut up means.

I’m very sorry if I sound very mean, I get kind of mean when I’m angry.

My teachers assign me a crap ton of homework, and I try my best to finish as much as I can in the library. The library is a seemingly perfect place where you can be the most productive.

Note that I said SEEMINGLY.

You see, I can be a productivity machine IF there’s a safe building with a plethora of desks and chairs, computers, and a trustworthy adult in the building. Sound like a library to you?

Yeah, it’s sounds like the perfect place to be productive EXCEPT when there are obnoxious kids SCREAMING.

Isn’t the library supposed to be a quiet place? Well the librarian seems to not care. Like, only when the kids are screaming bloody murder, that’s when she’ll care.


I will try my best to send little hints to tell them to shut the fuck up because my¬†god they’re repulsive. They’re a grade below me and little fuckers.

I will say “SHHHHHHH” to them but they never freaking listen! And they ask the dumbest things ever, like shit I can’t even control. One time, this kid asked me to check their grade, I don’t care (they had an 89 in math, hehe I have a better grade then them)! The only thing I care about is getting my WORK DONE SO I CAN MAKE MY GRADES THE BEST THEY CAN BE AND FOR THAT TO HAPPEN I NEED YOU TO SHUT UP!

They’re not even considerate. And this one girl I really don’t like keeps making stupid sounds like “DUUURRRRR” or humming when everything is finally silent. Please, get your work done! For the love of all things holy, please shut up AHHHHHHHHHH

But, this post can’t tell the kids to shut up, it can only help me release my anger. Once again, sorry if I sounded a bit mean.


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