pink rose.


This is a short poem? I recently got into poetry and I’m gonna get “milk and honey” by rupi kaur and apparently it’s beautiful and I’m so excited to get it! [UPDATE: I got it right now, and the concepts and meaning are pretty good]

I love poetry and respect everyone who can make something so beautiful and deep. I think my favorite poet would have to be Edgar Allen Poe. “The Raven” is so beautiful, it’s very dark and captivating.

Back on MY poem, I tried, okay? Since this might be a bit short, so I apologize for that (I also said that on my last post, go check it out okay sorry had to put in a shameless self promo)

the first time i met you,
you were a beautiful pink rose.
unique and ethereal
with such delicate silk petals.
but your beauty withered away,
you weren’t the pink rose i knew.

you showed me your true colors

and as tragic as it was,
i no longer loved you.
you didn’t stay for long,
you couldn’t and you never will.
but still,

i miss you.

Uh… this is my first poem, I’m not good with rhyming so I just decided to do a free verse. I know this is short, and I think I’ll do another version that’s longer but with a different meaning (but similar concept). I’m not sure if it flows or not, I think it’s meh, there are areas I probably lack in but whatever. I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad start for poetry? Not sure.

In my opinion, I think it’s okay. I know I have some sprucing up but since this is shorter than I anticipated, I don’t think I can judge my poetry from here. For people who are more experienced in poetry, I’m open to constructive criticism (just don’t be too harsh lol) and feedback. I really want to improve.

Alright, it’s official! I’ll make another version. Don’t know when, but I will do that soon!

Oh, and since I want to be more involved in the poetry community, are there any recommendations anyone has for poems? I want to absorb as much as I can, but until then…

Farewell! See ya in the next post!

[EDIT]: Looking back, I think I improved on my poetry. I learned to be more descriptive and use a lot of metaphors, I guess. Lol I still don’t think I’m well enough, but there’s plenty of room for me to improve 🙂


6 thoughts on “pink rose.

  1. For a first try, I’ll have to say that you did a great job! Now, I’m not an expert in poetry, but… the truth is, there are no rules. Poetry is medicine for the soul, it’s supposed to make you feel some type of way, it helps you release your emotions and, the most important aspect related to poetry… it helps you heal yourself and rise from your own ashes like a phoenix. You should never question your ability to write poems because there is no wrong way of doing that.
    I liked your poem very much! I could feel the emotions behind it 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your comment! I’ll make sure to keep note of that for my future poems I’m thinking of writing. And may I say, what a great way to explain poetry 🙂

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