back to square one.

You know, a lot of people say it’s hard to say goodbye, and it is, but in some cases, saying hello can be a bit challenging to do. Kind of stupid, but first impressions are everything. Well, at least to me.

I’m Midori and this is my fifth attempt at blogging. You know what the say: “If at first you don’t succeed, you can always try again.”

*insert another inspirational and overused quote*

To cut straight to the point, I have done numerous attempts in blogging. My first blog was “random phangirl,”it was just weird and cringey on so many levels. It was too abysmal to keep running. Thank GOD it died.

I took a long break from my first blog, until I woke up one day and thought of an aesthetically pleasing blog name: pastel dreams. That was taken, so it was “pasteldreamsxx” and the least I can say is that it went SOMEWHERE. However, it died because I thought my content was terrible, and my blog wasn’t growing. On the other hand, I did reflect what mistakes I made and I learned from them.

*skip through the multiple blogs that only lasted for several days or a week because I wasn’t feeling like blogging and should wait*

And so I did wait. I waited until 2017, though I was going to release my blog on 2018, the conspiracy theories of the world ending this spooked me into starting my blog one year early. Thus, “kalopsiaxx” was born. This one had the most success out of all my other failed attempts, grasping a hearty 20 followers, it was and still is my favorite blog I’ve ever made. Disappointingly, I didn’t like my content because I didn’t feel original, and I barely was. I made promises I couldn’t keep, and that led to the demise of “kalopsia.” I simply refuse to delete it though, I don’t have the heart to.

Now we’re here to “Chiara Luna!” Two beautiful words in Italian translating to a beautiful meaning: bright moon. I actually wrote what it means to me on my about page, so check it out! It’s pretty deep, if I may say so myself. “Chiara Luna” is my little writing corner. I’m going to try and vary up my writing style so I can potentially find what works for me. But enough about my blog, allow me to give you a bit of information on me!

My alias is Midori Nakajima, which sounds pretty dope (yeah…not really). I’m a Hufflepuff and a Thunderbird, I like cats (dogs are pretty dope too), and that’s all I need to say? Oh, I’m also trash. That’s all I want to disclose, so back to my blog!

This blog is going to be pretty chill, I’m just going to go with the flow and see what happens. To refer back to my past mistakes, I won’t make too many promises and goals to  myself. I promise I will always try my best to improve not only my content but myself as a person, and always try and find a way to “spice things up” to make this blog as fun and as amazing as it can be.

As for posts, I’ll most likely upload once a week or twice a week. It depends on how much time I have because I do go to school, but as I previously stated, let’s just go with the flow.

I can tell this will be a VERY long journey. If you’re willing to join me, follow me for whatever you want to follow me for!

Until then, I am out!


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